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Activities we carry out under our Projects, that you can sponsor

Our goal is to support and encourage the sickle-cell sufferers. We do carry out various different activities help to alleviate poverty and promote self-sufficiency. The dietary and nutritional needs of the sickle-cell sufferers is crucial – hence the activities we carry out meet these needs. Hence the surplus of these activities are meant to help them as well as being beneficial,inline with improving their standards of living(Good Health) We hope you will pick one or more of the activities that you think you could sponsor or drop your donation.

In 2020,we have recieved a big number of people suffering from Sickle Cell,with illinesses

The common ailments they cry of are severe aneamia, joint pain ,shortage of blood in the body

This has started in May,June,July

  • Break down as per age
  • 0-5yrs were 37
  • 6-10yrs were 41
  • 6-10yrs were 41
  • 11-15yrs were 27
  • 16-20yrs were 8
  • 21-30yrs were 6
  • 31years and above

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Health Care under the Clinical Project,helping Vulnerable Families

Holly Foundation Uganda giving medical service to people suffering from Sickele Cell in Luwero Health Centre IV Sickle Cells Clinic.

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Economic Empowerment in Vulnerable Families

Promoting and developing micro-credit / finance projects aimed at empowering communities, women and children living with Sickle Cell.

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Medication and Treatment

Providing free Treatment and medication to people living with sickle cell.

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sensitization and awareness.

Meeting with parents of children with sickle cell,while sensitizing and giving them more awareness about Sickle cell

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Administrative Meeting

During an administrative meeting with the ministry of health team

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Nurturing Talents

We nurture talents and also we look for Scholarships,bursaries for unprivileged children with talents living with sickle cell.Now you can help us to improve their well being in Schools

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Conducting monthly meetings

Doing monthly meetings with vulnerable people with Sickle Cell and follow-up

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