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About Holly Foundation

Supports People Living With Sickle Cell for Better Health

Holly Foundation Uganda is a registered Sickle Cell Charity Organisation focusing only on issues concerning people living with sickle cell in Uganda.

Holly Foundation being a sickle cell charity organisation, it was initiated in United Kingdom after the death of a seventeen-year-old girl by the names of Holly Muwanga in 2010, who intended to support Sickle cell children in Uganda. She started the fundraising campaign in the Hospital where she used to be admitted but unfortunately, after three months she passed away due to sickle cell complications. Her mother, Miss Nakato Mabel (Director) says ” enough is enough sickle-cell claimed my daughter’s life, it will not claim any more lives” from then she decided to continue with the charity. In 2011 Holly Foundation extended its programs in Uganda particularly in Luwero District.

At first, we focused only on counselling sickle cell sufferers and their guardians. Advocacy, increasing Sickle cell community awareness and sensitisation in areas of Wobulenzi, Bamunaniika, Kalagala and Zirobwe sub county in Luwero District. On 13th January 2012, Holly Foundation Uganda was launched and by then it had 30 registered sickle cell sufferers and 29 guardians/Parents. In June 2012, we started sickle cell clients group of Kasana which includes clients in Luwero town council, Katikamu and Luwero Sub County. The number of registered clients has increased and by now we have over 400 families which we support (Those who are officially registered with the organisation). Because of treatment demand from our clients we tried our level best and we partnered with Luwero Health Centre IV and we set up a special Sickle Cell Clinic which started in November 2012 and currently over 600 people living with sickle cell are getting free service from the clinic.

Our Mission

To be a premier youth led organization that improves the quality of life by empowering the youths to realize their full potential.

Our Objective

  • To increase awareness about the sickle cell disease.
  • To ensure anemia prevention in sickle cell patients.
  • To carry out research on the sickle cell disease.
  • To increase productivity among sickle cell sufferers.

Our Goals

  • Increase sickle cell awareness in the community.
  • Few Child birth with Sickle Cell Disease by 2040.
  • Reduce death of people living with sickle cell anemia.
  • Medical Health:To improve health status and quality of life of people living with Sickle Cell.
  • Economic Empowerment: To have economically productive people living with sickle cell
  • Education:To educate children suffering from sicklecell


Holly Foundation Sicklecell Uganda is bringing as many stake holders as possible on board in order to support people living with sickle cell in Uganda. For that note, beside the government (Ministry of Health and Luwero Health Center IV), the organisation is in partnership with;

  • Ministry of Health - Uganda
  • Kyetume CBHC Programme in Mukono District - Uganda
  • Schools:

    • Beeza alhigi secondary school in Adjumani
    • Biyaya secondary school in Adjumani District
    • Our Lady’s Parents Primary School in Luwero District

    Through this partnership,the school offered 20 scholarships to Holly Foundation Uganda to unprivileged sickle cell children who can attend primary level.

Therefore we ask other stake holders to accept our call for partnership.


  • We’ve had many sickle cell talk shows on the radios and Televisions.
  • We organise community events about sickle cell awareness.
  • We utilize the limited funds received to make the budget covered.
  • We introduce the Sickle Cell Management Book (Obulwadde Bwa sickle cell) to our members.
  • We award prizes to best children who competed in Remembrance Day sickle cell competition award.


Central Uganda, Eastern Uganda ,Northern Uganda


Sickle cell is still a stigma in Uganda often leading to isolation, rejection, and abandoning of sufferers. The social discrimination combined with poor health conditions play havoc with their life expectancy especially children and that is why we are struggling with the fight against this silent enemy. We as an Organization try to provide the relief and affordable help for these people but a lot is needed and we need your help and support.


Many Sickle Cell suffers don't have access to modernised education,due to lack of enough funds.Now you can Support Us


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We run PROJECTS which require funds,to perform effectively


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Holly Foundation Uganda is comprised of visionary leaders,with a mission to support people living with Sickle cell Diseases so as to live a normal life and raise sickle cell awareness in the community
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Change Their World. Change Yours. This changes everything.