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The Holly Foundation Uganda

Supports People Living With Sickle Cell for Better Health

Holly Foundation Uganda is a registered Sickle Cell Charity Organisation focusing only on issues concerning people living with sickle cell in Uganda.

It is of great pleasure to report on activities the organisation has managed to run in the financial year 2013/2014. The financial year for the organisation always begin in February. Since the beginning of this financial year, many activities have been performed.


Holly Foundation Uganda Strive to support people living with Sickle cell Diseases so as to live a normal life and raise sickle cell awareness in the community.


In this financial year we managed to organise over 24 meetings, 12 meetings in Kasana and 12 meetings in Bamunanika. Parents have started to implement the sickle cell management skills when caring for their children. Many Parents have benefited from the saving circle by starting up small businesses to supplement their income

Charity for Educating Vulnerable Children

Teachings and facilitation's in different organizations, churches, communities and schools

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Feed for Hungry Child with Sickle Cell

Providing food,clothes to vulnerable children

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Sanitation and Clean Water Systems

We build water systems for our Vulnerable families,which is enabling the community as a whole, to have access to clean water

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Economic Empowerment

Identifying and nurturing low income earning families with Sickle Cell,Providing skillsand knowledge on how to attain wealth

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Donate for Children

Helping vulnerable children by providing them with Medical care

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Home for Homeless

Providing accommodation for the desperate and needy cases. in the rescue center.

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How can you help?

We established an Endowment fund to receive grants, donations, gifts and assistance in any form whatsoever for families with Sickle Cell

You can join us,simply fill the form here Contact


Help children with Sickle Cell,by giving what you would like to offer.


We have Vulnerable children who lack education,now you can change their lives


As a Community Organisation,we help families with Sickle Cell by designing, implementing and maintaining projects that enhance the quality of living standard

Adolescent living with Sickle Cell

We provide strategic assistance to women, youth and grassroots communities’ activities to address Sickle Cell Stigma among young and vulnerable children as a priority and to mitigate the wider worsening socio-economic challenges.

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Home Visit and Patients Follow-up

When the community is aware about the Sickle Cell Disease, any action against the disease can easily be implemented.

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Educating and creating awareness

We connect communities and volunteers with resources to make positive changes in Vulnerable Families like Counselling, Health talk and education about Sickle cell disease..

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Change Their World. Change Yours. This changes everything.